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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the Frequently asked Questions we receive about Domains. For more questions about other subjects, click here.

I have received an email titled "WHOIS Data Confirmation for (mydomainname)".  What do I do?

Every Domain Registrar must send out WHOIS confirmations regularly to domain name holders.  This is to ensure that the holder's data has not changed since the initial registration. 

If you receive an email with this subject, then check the details.  If they are correct, then you need do nothing.  If any of the details are incorrect, please contact us immediately and we will update them on your behalf, or you can log into your domain via the Domain Management console here, and update your details accordingly.


(Updated 22 Dec 2015)


How do I set up my domain name to be auto-renewed?


What is domain auto-renewal?

Before now, your domains had to be manually renewed through The Console – you received several reminder emails that directed you to the renewals page to enter credit card details to renew your domain names.   Now, domain auto-renewals has been introduced, where you can advise if you wish your domain to be renewed automatically, and we will notify you once its done.

How does auto-renewal work?

Previously, you received several reminder emails, beginning 90 days before domain expiry, with a link to renew your domain through The Console.  For auto-renewals, you will still be sent out a reminder notification, however it will be a single email to alert you that your domain is going to be renewed automatically.

This email will arrive 30 days before expiry to let you know that the auto-renewal workflow will be processed and then a third email will let you know that the auto-renewal is successful.

How do I manage my domain auto-renewal settings?

To manage your domain auto-renewal settings, just let us know that you want your domain to be auto-renewed.  Log into The Console (under Domains on website), then on the Overview page is a link "View a Summary of ALL Domains" - click this link and your domains will be listed and you can select ALL or individual domains to be auto-renewed.  Make sure your credit card details are registered, you will be charged automatically, or if you don't have your credit card details with us, you will be sent an invoice upon renewal of the domain.

Can I cancel an auto-renewal after the domain is renewed?

Yes, you can. This will revert your recently-renewed domain back to manual renewal and when the time comes for your domain to be renewed again, you will get the manual renewal email reminders, beginning 90 days before.

What will happen if I turn on auto-renewal within 30 days of expiry?

If you turn auto-renewal on within the 30 day expiry period, your auto-renewal will go through as planned, within 24 hours of you turning it on, and will be set up to auto-renew for all future renewals.

What if my auto-renewal is not successful?

If your auto-renewal is not successful, due to incorrect credit card details or insufficient pre-paid funds, we will attempt to contact you to resolve the issue and ensure your domain renewal goes through as planned. It’s important to make sure your contact details are up to date at all times, so that, should any issues arise, we are able to contact you to resolve these and ensure your domain name doesn’t end up in redemption.


(Updated 22 Dec 2015)


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