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Managing your Domain Name

  1.  Once your domain name has been registered, you will receive automatic renewal notices prior to the expiry date.  Domain expiration notices will be sent by email to the Registered contact prior to, and following (where applicable) the domain name's expiry date.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your domain name is renewed in a timely fashion.
  2. Occasionally you will receive a  WHOIS Data Confirmation for (mydomainname) email.  Every Domain Registrar must send out WHOIS confirmations regularly to domain name holders.  This is to ensure that the holder's data has not changed since the initial registration.   If you receive an email with this subject, then check the details.  If they are correct, then you need do nothing.  If any of the details are incorrect, please contact us immediately and we will update them on your behalf, or you can log into your domain via the Domain Management below, and update your details accordingly.


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