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We are building a repository of your most frequently asked questions, so this page will be constantly changing.  If you have a question that you feel should be included please email us at support@outputdsj.com.au or lodge it through our Contact formThank you.

How do I contact Output if I have a support issue?

You can contact Output in 3 ways:

  1. call us on our phone number 02 9572 7344 during business hours (8.30-5pm) 
  2. email us at support@outputdsj.com.au
  3. use our contact form here .

What is greylisting? 

Greylisting is a way of minimising SPAM email reaching the end users' email box.  It does this by checking that an incoming email has come  from a genuine email server.  The incoming mail server temporarily rejects an email to force the originating email server to resend the email.  A spammer server will not typically resend an email, while a properly configured email server will resend the email, generally within a short time frame.

This will result in more suspect email NOT being delivered to the end user's inbox, with minimal impact to their regular email services.

For a more comprehensive description, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greylisting  


I have received an email titled "WHOIS Data Confirmation for (mydomainname)".  What do I do?

Every Domain Registrar must send out WHOIS confirmations regularly to domain name holders.  This is to ensure that the holder's data has not changed since the initial registration. 

If you receive an email with this subject, then check the details.  If they are correct, then you need do nothing.  If any of the details are incorrect, please contact us immediately and we will update them on your behalf, or log into your domain via the Domain Management link on our website, and update your details accordingly.


(Updated 22 December 2015)


How do I terminate my Output services?

You must send us notification if you are terminating any services provided by Output.   It is your responsibility to cancel your services (in writing - email is sufficient - to support@outputdsj.com.au).


(Updated 22 December 2015)

What do I do if my website is down?

Check to see if there is a simpler explanation for why your website is not working.

  1. If you noticed the problem, then first step is to make sure there isn't a problem with your internet connection.  You can do this by opening up another tab or another browser and typing a well-known, well-used URL like google.com or smh.com.au.  If these don't resolve either, then there might be a problem with your internet connection, or with your local computer.  Try checking on another device, using a different internet connection, or call a friend to check.
  2. If a customer has called you and complained they can't access your website, check using your own browser, but REMEMBER to press SHIFT and Refresh (for a PC) to make sure you're not looking at a cached version of your website.
  3. Check to make sure your domain name hasn't expired.   Believe it or not, this is the most common reason why our clients sites cease working.   If you have let your domain name lapse, all services related to the domain will cease to work and will explain why your website is not visible.  Your emails will have stopped working too.
  4. If your website still isn't working, call your hosting provider to find out if there is an issue there.
  5. You may need to contact your website developer if no-one else has an explanation for why your site has stopped working. 
  6. If you have any online advertising campaigns running, make sure you pause them until the problem is resolved and your website is available again.  No need to pay for clicks that go nowhere.
  7. Assess the situation after the problem is resolved.  Did your hosting provider do everything to provide you with the best service and best information possible?  If not, let us know so we can improve our services.


(Updated 22 December 2015)

How do I set up my domain name to be auto-renewed?


What is domain auto-renewal?

Before now, your domains had to be manually renewed through The Console – you received several reminder emails that directed you to the renewals page to enter credit card details to renew your domain names.   Now, domain auto-renewals has been introduced, where you can advise if you wish your domain to be renewed automatically, and we will notify you once its done.

How does auto-renewal work?

Previously, you received several reminder emails, beginning 90 days before domain expiry, with a link to renew your domain through The Console.  For auto-renewals, you will still be sent out a reminder notification, however it will be a single email to alert you that your domain is going to be renewed automatically.

This email will arrive 30 days before expiry to let you know that the auto-renewal workflow will be processed and then a third email will let you know that the auto-renewal is successful.

How do I manage my domain auto-renewal settings?

To manage your domain auto-renewal settings, just let us know that you want your domain to be auto-renewed.  Log into The Console (under Domains on website), then on the Overview page is a link "View a Summary of ALL Domains" - click this link and your domains will be listed and you can select ALL or individual domains to be auto-renewed.  Make sure your credit card details are registered, you will be charged automatically, or if you don't have your credit card details with us, you will be sent an invoice upon renewal of the domain.

Can I cancel an auto-renewal after the domain is renewed?

Yes, you can. This will revert your recently-renewed domain back to manual renewal and when the time comes for your domain to be renewed again, you will get the manual renewal email reminders, beginning 90 days before.

What will happen if I turn on auto-renewal within 30 days of expiry?

If you turn auto-renewal on within the 30 day expiry period, your auto-renewal will go through as planned, within 24 hours of you turning it on, and will be set up to auto-renew for all future renewals.

What if my auto-renewal is not successful?

If your auto-renewal is not successful, due to incorrect credit card details or insufficient pre-paid funds, we will attempt to contact you to resolve the issue and ensure your domain renewal goes through as planned. It’s important to make sure your contact details are up to date at all times, so that, should any issues arise, we are able to contact you to resolve these and ensure your domain name doesn’t end up in redemption.


(Updated 22 December 2015) 

Verification of email and address for new gTLD domains

Output net has new obligations under ICANN's new Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) 2013 which take effect on Monday 23rd June 2014 and incorporate changes that impact all existing and global top level domains.

RAA 2013 now requires validation of  the registrant's postal address and contact email address. This validation process only applies to gTLD domains, and must be completed whenever:

  • a new domain is registered;
  • a domain is transferred; or
  • an update is made to contact details on a domain.

Email address validation: Registrants will be sent an email notice (and subsequent reminder notices, if applicable) requesting they validate their email address by clicking on a link within the message. The contact email address must be validated within 15 days or the domain name is at risk of being suspended.

Postal address validation: Validation will be automatically performed using a third party global address database supplied by Google and a warning will be displayed at the time of entry. If an invalid postal address is submitted, the domain name is at risk of being suspended.

For more information please read ICANN's Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities or give us a call on 1300 302 115.


(Updated 20 June 2015)

SEO Tips

SEO revolves around

  • Keyword Research
  • Content SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Creation (falls under Content Marketing but good luck ranking competitively these days without it)
  • Link Building
  • Social Media (falls under Social Media Marketing but has synergy with higher rankings)

Notes on Marketing:

  1. If you are paying a company to manage your Adwords campaign you want to know how much is being dedicated to Google AdWords and how much is being consumed by the marketing company. I have seen Management fees upwards of 50% which is ridiculous.
  2. Is the campaign being managed by a human or a machine/software? Some companies have a set it and leave it policies until the customer calls in complaining. An effective Adwords campaign needs to be managed often in order for you to be maximising your ROI.
  3. Look for a Google Partner and speak to people not just sales people that are Google Accredited. Even better speak to someone that has actually managed an AdWords campaign. Too many companies put on a low level, unskilled, churn and burnt employee that talks a big game but probably hasn't even seen the interface of a Google Campaign before.
  4. Make sure you are monitoring conversions with
    -Video tracking software
    -Phone Monitoring
    -Conversion Tracking
  5. finally, if the person or company does not do the follow to optimise an account don't bother dealing with them;
    -Ad Copy Management
    -A/B Ad Testing
    -Bid Management
    -Adding Keywords
    -Removing Keywords
    -Mobile Ads
    -Placement Analysis


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