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How to Use Open Cart REWARDS


Points may be manually added to specific customers in the Admin. If you choose to award reward points directly to a customer, you can include a reason in the description and the number of points under the Sales::Customers::Reward Points tab.  If you need to subtract points from a customer, you can enter in a negative number into the points field. 

Customer will see the points balance online in My Account::Reward Points.


Reward points must also be added to individual products, in the Categories::Products::Rewards section. Reward points can be added to be redeemed for purchasing a product, and can be added for accruing if the product is purchased.

When a customer purchases a product they accrue the points. If they have rewards points, they can use them to purchase products that are redeemable using points.


If a product has accruable points assigned to it, then these points will appear in the Product info when shopping and then under the name of the product in the Cart.

If the customer has a Reward points balance, AND they have products that have redeemable reward points set against them, ONLY then does the Cart give the user an option to redeem Reward points under ‘What would you like to do next?’.

A user enters the number of points they wish to redeem, and the points are then converted to $ using a ratio formula, for example:



Rewards Points



Red Tshirt





$100 bonus voucher





Blue Shorts









Total redeem / Total Price = ratio


Ratio * Points to redeem = $ value


0.001001 * 250 points redeemed = $0.25


Once the order has been created, the Admin must go into the individual Order, ‘View’ the order, then click on “Add Reward Points” for the points to be assigned to the customer. This will then send the customer an email advising  they have accrued points.




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