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Technical Services


Systems - Web Servers

High performance UNIX and Web servers
Web server: Apache
PHP 4 + 5 support
Dedicated monitoring systems
Cold standby components
Multiple levels of fully redundant power


Systems - Application Servers

High performance UNIX application servers
Cold standby components
mysql Server databases
Packet filter and firewall isolation from the Internet
Dedicated monitoring systems
Multiple levels of fully redundant power


10/100Mb Ethernet connection to the Pacific Internet backbone
redundant links with Uecomm if Optus Trunks fail


24 x 7 secure access and video surveillance
VESDA environment control
Raised floors
Fire Suppression
Redundant airconditioning
Fire Suppression


Internet connectivity (dial-up or permanent connection) 
Web browser with SSL capabilities
SSL capable Internet connection (some firewall configurations may restrict this capability).
FTP client software
e-mail account


Web Hosting Platform

  • Availability: 99%
    • Uptime excludes scheduled maintenance
    • Uptime excludes downtime caused by the non-provision of services by suppliers to Output.net.  (The provision of the service by Output.net is sourced from various suppliers and the ability of Output.net to meet its obligations under the Terms & Conditions is wholly dependant on these suppliers.)
  • Scheduled Maintenance Window
    • Scheduled maintenance window is 5am-7am, Wednesday mornings
    • Maintenance may be done outside of working hours, if required.
    • If additional scheduled down time is required, where possible, 48 hours notice will be given to customers.
  • Alarming and Monitoring
    • Server monitoring
    • Network monitoring
    • End to end system monitoring


  • Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri, 9am – 5pm
  • Contact via:  Telephone, e-mail, fax
  • Emergency/After Hours Support: Provided on a client to client basis after evaluation of client needs


  • Documented and audited security policy
  • Packet filter isolation from the Internet

Your Own CGI Scripts

  • CGI scripting supported: PERL
  • CGI vetting: mandatory (additional charges apply)
  • Time to start CGI vetting: Allow 3 working days from date of receipt
  • Time to complete CGI vetting (per CGI) is subject to CGI size and complexity. Charges apply on a per hour basis.

Site Reporting & Analysis

  • Reporting & analysis software:   webstats

Back-ups & Recovery

  • What is backed up?: System and client data
  • Data back-up: Daily, weekly and monthly
  • Back-up stored off-site: monthly
  • Recovery levels: System restart and full restoration of data from last back-up if major data corruptions occur.
  • Individual sites restored from back-up: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm excluding NSW public holidays (additional charges apply)
  • Time to restore individual site from back-up:  1 working day

Virtual SSL

  • Requires a Domain name and Client Supplied SSL Certificate along with documentation


Priority level


Description Objective

 Priority 1


 4 hours Standard


 Loss of service or a serious fault attributable to Output.net Web Hosting, including server failure (software/hardware), network failures and "cannot access" server errors.


 8 hours-System restoration from backup medium

# Extended clearance objectives apply to serious failures (software/hardware) that require full system restoration from backup medium.

 Priority 2

 1 Working Day

Faults that don't affect service or can be remedied relatively easily.  For example: a slow response time or forgotten passwords

 Priorty 3

 2 Working Days

Non service affecting issues that affect existing customer's site and which require Output’s assistance to resolve, including back-ups that are not working properly

Priority 4

 3 Working Days

Non service affecting issues such as requests for information and machine configuration / setups

Note: Our aim is to meet clearance objectives in 80% of cases. If faults are not resolved in a timely manner, they will be escalated to senior management to ensure that the appropriate action is taken.




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