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Overview of Technical Support

Technical support is a fundamental part of any internet company in today's market place due to the ever changing, evolving world of computing. It is our mission to help where we can with any queries or questions you may have with the service that we are providing. We make it a top priority to help all our clients.  And we do it person to person - no call queues, no electronic voices, just real people like you doing what they do best!

All management of our services is kept in-house to ensure the security and privacy of our clients data - from concept through to deployment and in all areas in-between.

Our Technical Support covers assistance with:

  • The internet and how to use it
  • Set up and configuration of internet services
  • Assistance with problems encountered with services
  • Software sales and licensing enquiries
  • we even help you work out why your other services might not be working!

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the Technical Support Team on 1300 302 115 or complete the form here.

In addition, we have included some written information here on our website to help you out:

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