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Symantec SSL untrustworthy in Chrome66

Monday, 12 February 2018


In the coming months, SSL Certificates issued by Symantec will no longer be trusted by the Chrome browser, resulting in a degraded website visitor experience. This move follows a decision by Google to stop trusting SSL Certificates issued by Symantec.

Any website that uses an SSL Certificate issued by Symantec before June 2016 or after December 2017 will be warned that their connection is not private and someone could be attempting to steal their information. Chrome users will have to click past the warning before they are able to access the website.

The initial change is scheduled to arrive with Chrome version 66, which will launch worldwide on April 17th.

Further, on October 23rd when Chrome launches build 70, all Symantec SSL Certificates will be listed as untrustworthy

As indicated by Chrome, this incident, while distinct from a previous incident in 2015, was part of a continuing pattern of issues over the past several years that has caused the Chrome team to lose confidence in the trustworthiness of the infrastructure of Symantec, and as a result, the SSL Certificates that have been or will be issued from it.

Symantec announced the selection of DigiCert to run an independently operated Managed Partner Infrastructure (MPI), as well as their intention to sell their PKI business to DigiCert. Shortly after, Symantec purchased a stake in DigiCert and since December 1st, all Symantec SSL Certificates have been issued by DigiCert.

In view of the above, Output will no longer offer the following Symantec brands : Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL. Our website will be updated to reflect a change in the products that we offer.

We encourage all our customers to check their SSL certificates and update any that will be affected by this change.

Best wishes,

The Team at Output

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